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Your website is a virtual business card.
We can help you develop your unique online identity, befitting your company and mission - be it a corporate homepage, web shop or creative portfolio.
Your website should work smoothly on any device and be user-friendly. Our approach to creating your website is comprised of 4 steps:

 Consultation meeting
For us, a free consultation meeting marks the beginning of each project. The primary goal here is to understand your vision, estimate the scope of the project and get a feel for your business' philosophy. After that, we can provide an initial cost estimate.

2  Conception
Subsequently, we develop a concept of your website in cooperation with you (if desired). This step is one of the most important, as it sets the structural and creative foundation of your project.

3  Realisation
Once the concept has been developed, the next step is 'realisation'. Here we follow a 'peu-à-peu' principle, where we set the project timeline and gradually build your website to completion. How much you want to be involved in this process is up to you. As soon as the website is completed, we hand you the finished project and link it your desired domain.

4  Maintenance & Support
Everything needs a service from time to time- your website is no exception. We update content, bring in technological advancements and look out for anything that can be optimised or improved. Here-for, we offer maintenance packages of different sizes.

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Basic Features:
Our standard website usually includes at least one of the following elements:

•  Parallax Visuals:
Different objects/images are positioned on different layers. When scrolling, these objects/images are able to move at different speeds which introduces a dynamic, three-dimensional effect.

•  Hovers:
When moving your mouse over a certain element on a web page, it changes (e.g. pop-up elements, color changes, size changes). These elements may be links, images, buttons or texts.

•  Sliders:
A slideshow effect will allow you to present your product-images and/or photographs more clearly and aesthetically- rather than simply inserting a static sequence of images.

Unique features (Examples):
On request, we can also provide you with more complex elements, tailored to your individual requirements:

•  3D Layer Scrolling:
The website is built in such a way that the user can scroll through multiple levels - this way he dives into the website rather than scrolling vertically or even horizontally.

•  Interactive 3D elements:
A 3D object can be imported into your website and become fully manipulable in a 3D space. This may be particularly interesting if you have a product you want your clients to interact with.

Scrolling Animations:
These are functions within a website where 2D or 3D animations (created by us) are linked to scrolling motion and are thereby controlled by the user. This also provides an interactive element that will captivate your audience.

All websites created by us are GDPR compliant, include data privacy policies, an imprint as well as a cookie banner.

Our cross-genre approach of combining different elements from web design, motion design and corporate design give your websites a unique touch.

search engine optimization (seo)

Even the most fancy website is of no use if it cannot be found by your client. Therefore, it is just as important to optimise the search results for your page.
In an analysis precisely tailored to your business and mission, we determine specific keywords that will make sure your website is high up in search engine rankings.

In addition to organic ranking, there is also always the possibility to create paid Google Ads.


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